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The Leader In Green School Fundraising

FundingFactory has helped schools, churches, and charities earn by recycling since 1997

Why fundraising by recycling?

Adding a recycling fundraiser to your development efforts is free, easy, and builds community. Instead of asking supporters or taxpayers to write a check, you’re asking them to collect and donate their empty ink cartridges and used cell phones. They make a contribution to the environment and your cause, your organization earns the rewards of their recyclables, and everyone wins.

Easy and 100% free recycling fundraiser

FundingFactory offers an easy fundraising solution to schools, churches, charities, nonprofits, clubs, and troops. Your group collects empty printer cartridges from your community and gets Business Supporters to recycle their items on your behalf, and that's it. No selling, no minimums, and no obligations.

School Fundraising

Thousands of teachers, coaches and parents raise funds for their school with FundingFactory! Our recycling fundraiser for schools is perfect for environmental clubs and Green Teams, sports boosters, PTA/PTO, or school leaders that not only want to make a financial impact but want to do it with the environment in mind.

We put the FUN in fundraising

Think of your day-to-day collections as the average sedan that transports you and yours to the store and back again. It gets the job done. But FundingFactory's bonus and incentive programs are the sports coupe that takes your fundraising to the next level — and fast! Giveaways on our website and Facebook add even more merry to your money!

Get Goods

Save your cash or spend as you go on more than 100,000 products in our online Rewards Catalog. Shop top brands, such as CDW, Ellison, Learning Resources, and Flaghouse for technology equipment and classroom supplies. Products arrive within 10 business days.

Get Green

If it’s cash you want, it’s cash you’ll get! When your account reaches $25, you can request a check. Or contact us to have a check automatically sent every time your account reaches $25. Your customized account admin and goal-setting tools show your up-to-the-day recycling impact and fundraising information for your account.

Earn More With FundingFactory
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