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Recycle Inkjet and Toner Cartridges & Cell Phones

Recycling small e-waste has a big impact

At FundingFactory, we collect your used inkjet and toner cartridges and cell phones. You collect, pack and ship your recyclables to our facility, then we do the hard work in getting these items inspected, sorted, and sent to the responsible remanufacturing and recycling centers!

Want to know how we responsibly recycle and reuse your items? Read our Environmental Policy.

FundingFactory has stopped 31 million pounds of e-waste from being landfilled.

Impact on Our Environment

By recycling inkjet and toner cartridges and cell phones, FundingFactory is making a sustainable impact around the world.

Read our real-time Sustainability Report to see the impact that more than 15 years of recycling can have!

Here are just a few examples* of how our work's making a lasting change:

  • Reprocessing 1 empty toner cartridge averts 2.5 pounds of solid waste from being landfilled.
  • Recycling 1 printer cartridge prevents natural resources, such as oil, from being used to produce a new one.
  • Remanufacturing 1 cell phone stops 220 pounds of waste from being generated.

  • *These facts are from NYTimes article "The Afterlife of Cellphones.
Our Environmental Promise