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Recycle, Renew, Raise Money!

FundingFactory turns your e-waste into cash to fund you, your school, or your mission.

Free, easy, and good for the environment

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We Recycle

your toner and inkjet printer cartridges.

We Buy

your renewable tablets and laptops when you upgrade.

We Sell

affordable educational tech and pre-owned tablets.

We Care

about our collective environmental impact. Read our policy.

Free Green Fundraising
FundingFactory Fundraising: K-12 Education Fundraising
K-12 Education Fundraising
For educators, PTA/PTO, athletics, and clubs. Add EcoBuddies to engage students and promote environmental literacy.
FundingFactory COLLECTED
Higher Education Solutions
Meet your campus sustainability goals with COLLECTED, a program designed to meet the unique needs of colleges and universities.
FundingFactory Fundraising: Nonprofit Fundraising
Nonprofit Fundraising
Charities, churches, hospitals, three-day walks, clubs, and more can benefit from fundraising by recycling and earn funds while keeping e-waste out of landfills.
FundingFactory Business Donations
Business Donations
Donate your used ink and toner printer cartridges, and fund a school or charity you care about–without spending a dime.

Success Stories

More than 50,000 organizations have collectively earned $35 million with FundingFactory since 1997.

Marlene Stubber LeeAnn Follmer Steve Pellowe
Marlene Stubber
Raised: $24,210
Recycled: 33,414 lbs.
Watch Video
LeeAnn Follmer
Raised: $2,141.80
Recycled: 2372 lbs.
Watch Video
Steve Pellowe
Raised: $41,349.38
Recycled: 77,014 lbs.
Watch Video


Fundraising Coaches
Take advantage of free fundraising, marketing, and community relations coaching from our knowledgeable, friendly customer service reps who genuinely celebrate your successes. Get your questions answered fast!