Environmental Policy


Each and every item we receive is carefully inspected to determine if it can be reused or recycled. In 2014, FundingFactory’s facility reused, remanufactured or recycled 99% of all incoming material.

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Inkjet Empty toner and inkjet printer cartridges undergo a stringent six-point inspection to determine whether they can be reused. Reusable cartridges are then shipped to accredited remanufacturers and eventually returned to the marketplace. Damaged cartridges are sent to a licensed, state-of-the-art facility to generate electricity and steam, which is then sold as renewable energy.


FundingFactory's leadership and staff are committed to preventing pollution and conserving resources in our offices, warehouses, and operations. By continuously assessing our impact on the environment, we meet and exceed industry requirements that apply to our facilities, operations, partners and products.

Here are our Environmental Policy guidelines:

  • Prioritization of reuse whenever possible
  • Environmentally superior recycling methods
  • Consistent focus on minimizing waste and prevention of pollution
  • Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations
  • Continuous evaluation and measurement of environmental objectives and targets
  • Commitment to the R2 Hierarchy of Reuse, Recovery and Energy Recovery/Disposal in the management of used and end-of-life electronics