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Green School Project joins FundingFactory, the nation’s largest fundraising-through-recycling program!

Your Green School Project username and password are the same. Log in now to take a tour of your FundingFactory online account. Once logged in, you'll be able to:

  • Order shipping labels
  • Order boxes
  • Download promotional materials
  • Learn about contests and promotions

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FundingFactory pays for everything you send

Items on the Green School Project Acceptable Items List are the same as those on the FundingFactory Qualifying List. You’ll earn 10 cents for any damaged, remanufactured, or non-qualifying inkjet or laser cartridge, or cell phone, that you send.

Our base pricing is identical to Green School Project, but now you'll earn a minimum of $1.00 for qualifying laser cartridges and cell phones.

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Earn cash for collecting, or shop our Rewards Catalog

Your Green School Project earnings have automatically rolled over to your FundingFactory account. When logged in, you can either request a check to be paid with cash, or shop for technology and classroom supplies in the FundingFactory Rewards Catalog.

Same program, more benefits

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We’re streamlining our programs to conserve resources and so that you’ll enjoy more benefits.