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Day Care Fundraising
is as Easy as A,B,C!

Earn 100% profit by simply recycling printer cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics.

All profit, no selling

Benefits future generations

Cash to buy what you need

Day care toner cartridge recycling fundraiser!

A recycling fundraiser can benefit your early childhood program

More Rewards
When you earn 100% profit, you enjoy more rewards sooner. Redeem recycling points for cash and in our Rewards Catalog.

Inspired curriculum
There is no better motivation for green-themed curriculum than our group fundraiser. It also serves as an excellent recycling service project!

Engaged parents
Fundraising by recycling boosts parental involvement and relieves fundraising pressure on staff.

FundingFactory Fundraising: Free Day Care Fundraisers
100% FREE
Zero start-up costs, zero product costs—we even pay your shipping and provide display and marketing materials.
Fundraising with no selling
Safe & Kid-friendly
Instead of selling items door-to-door, parents are dropping recyclables at yours. Plus, it's never too early for a lesson in waste reuse and reduction.
Day Care Fundraising: Win prizes and earn bonuses
Fun & Simple
Love prizes? Easy-to-win bonuses, contests, and promotions put the “fun” in fundraising. Connect with us on Facebook and YouTube.
Day Care Fundraising: Community Business Support
By donating empty cartridges and retired electronics, local businesses can support your fundraiser. Consider asking parents to become Business Supporters first, and then invite the community-at-large.

Success Stories

More than 50,000 organizations have collectively earned $35 million with FundingFactory since 1997.

Marlene Stubber LeeAnn Follmer Steve Pellowe
Marlene Stubber
Raised: $24,210
Recycled: 33,414 lbs.
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LeeAnn Follmer
Raised: $2,141.80
Recycled: 2372 lbs.
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Steve Pellowe
Raised: $41,349.38
Recycled: 77,014 lbs.
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Fundraising Coaches
Take advantage of free fundraising, marketing, and community relations coaching from our knowledgeable, friendly customer service reps who genuinely celebrate your successes. Get your questions answered fast!