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For 20 years, FundingFactory has been helping organizations fundraise by recycling toner and inkjet printer cartridges.

FundingFactory Fundraising Through Reuse

Fundraising Through Reuse

FundingFactory turns your used toner and inkjet cartridges into cash to fund your organization. With FundingFactory's 100% free fundraising program and the help of your community, your organization will earn much-needed funds in no time.

FundingFactory Achieving Your Fundraising Goals

Achieving Your Fundraising Goals

Once you set your fundraising goal, everyone (family, friends, parents, businesses, etc.) can view, recycle, donate to your organization and stay connected all in one place.

Featured Organizations

Here are a few groups that are close to reaching their fundraising objective.
Click on the photos to view stories, connect, and even donate!

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FundingFactory Goal page for To help offset the cost of Summer Camp for our Scouts
77% Complete

Boy Scout Troop 607, Statesville, NC

Goal: $5,000.00 (77% funded) - Statesville, NC

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FundingFactory Goal page for GLAD Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 FundingFactory Goal
58% Complete

Support local adult literacy

Goal: $2,000.00 (58% funded) - Grenada, MS

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FundingFactory Goal page for CAG Tech Equipment Upgrade
59% Complete

CAG Tech Equipment Upgrade

Goal: $600.00 (59% funded) - KISSIMMEE, FL

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FundingFactory Goal page for Morgan Duke Conservation Society
93% Complete

Morgan Duke Conservation Society

Goal: $500.00 (93% funded) - Newburgh, NY

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FundingFactory Goal page for Orphan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
71% Complete

Orphan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Goal: $500.00 (71% funded) - NEENAH, WI

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FundingFactory Goal page for Keep Children Safe
0% Complete

Keep Children Safe

Goal: $250.00 (0% funded) - Philadelphia, PA

How It Works

FundingFactory's cartridge recycling program is pretty
basic, so we've kicked it up a notch!

  • Create a FundingFactory account and set up your goal

    Create an account & set your goal

    Once you register with FundingFactory, take a few minutes to set up your goal page. This will help you connect with your community about your eco-friendly fundraising efforts.

  •  Connect with eco-friendly fundraising efforts with FundingFactory


    Recruit local businesses like banks, real estate agencies, and attorney's offices to donate their empty printer cartridges, for your group! It only takes one awesome Business Supporter to put you "in the green"!

  • Earn money with FundingFactory by recycling your empty toner and inkjet printer cartridges


    In your online account, you'll be able to track your shipments, goal and earnings, plus request a check once your balance reaches $25.

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    Register Now! – You'll be glad you did.

    • 100% free, easy, eco-friendly program
    • Almost 20 years of helping organizations reach their fundraising potential
    • No selling, no minimums, no obligations


Here are some words from our participants. We're sure you'll love FundingFactory as much as they do!


"What a great way to help fund your programs, I'm recommending this program to all who have the heart and mind to help keep your communities and planet in the green!"

Gloria Ann from Belleville, IN


"When we started recycling I thought it wouldn't be worth the effort, but it has been very easy and profitable for us. Thank you for the program and making recycling so easy!"

Ginnie from Truth or Consequences, NM


"I just love working with this company. I have been in four schools since I started with them in 1997. They are great to work with! Thanks FundingFactory - keep up the good work!"

Sister MaryAnn from Tampa, FL