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Why We Need Your Support

Through our trusted greening partner, Funding Factory, we can turn your recyclables into much needed cash for our nonprofit organization. It’s easy and 100 % free. We will provide you with prepaid UPS shipping labels, and promotional materials if needed—all available for free by delivery or download. Simply put out a box to collect Empty Inkjet Cartridges and spend a few minutes packing items for shipment. Simply contact us if you have items to recycle. Funding Factory will provide everything you need from prepaid UPS shipping to boxes and promotional materials.

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Ways You Can Support Us

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Drop Off Printer Cartridges

Drop off your toner and inkjet printer cartridges at our location, during normal business hours. All printer cartridges that are dropped off will benefit our Cause, and will be recycled by FundingFactory's fundraising-through-recycling program.

Our Location:

Contact us
Delray Beach Beach, FL 33482

Hours of Operation:

M-F: On-going

For More Info Contact:

Wideline Gassant

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Printer Cartridge Recycling for Businesses

Businesses- Why not donate your used toner and inkjet printer cartridges to an amazing Cause rather than sending them back to the remanufacturer or throwing them out?

FundingFactory's Business Support program is 100% free and easy! Pack up your company's toner cartridges-and leave the rest to FundingFactory. They'll provide you complimentary shipping boxes, UPS shipping labels, and marketing supplies to help spread the word about your new recycling venture.


Our Eco-Impact

Here is our Cause's Environmental Impact since we created our Goal in November 2013!

Toner Cartridges

131 Units Collected
317 Pounds Collected

Inkjet Printer Cartridges

33 Units Collected
1 Pounds Collected

Resource collected: 33 lbs

Resource collected: 3 lbs

Resource collected: 32 lbs

Resource collected: 4 lbs

Resource collected: 0 lbs