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By recycling, that is! Earn 100% profit by recycling cartridges and smalll ewaste and you'll save line items in your budget, too.

Earn for your classroom

Protect the environment

Inspire and equip your parish

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Get started right
Earn a $10 bonus just for registering! When you start recycling, you'll already be halfway toward getting your first check!

Parents give without writing a check
Parents collect printer cartridges, cell phones and small electronics from home and at work. It’s an ongoing parish fundraiser, without pressing members for an additional cash gift.

Rejoice! No Selling
50,000 schools and nonprofits have earned $31 million with fundraising by recycling.

FundingFactory Fundraising: Community-wide Recycling
Community-wide Recycling
Local companies become Business Supporters when they join your recycling efforts! Ask business owners in the congregation to start recycling on behalf of your school, and your fundraiser will soon make a measurable impact on the environment! Register today to learn more about Business Support!
FundingFactory Fundraising: Green Fundraising
Go Green!
We’ve only been given one Earth—let’s care for the environment together! FundingFactory's R2 and ISO 14001-2004 certifications ensure we properly process all reusable and recyclable e-matter, start to finish. Read Our Promise to the Environment.

Success Stories

More than 50,000 organizations have collectively earned $35 million with FundingFactory since 1997.

Marlene Stubber LeeAnn Follmer Steve Pellowe
Marlene Stubber
Raised: $24,210
Recycled: 33,414 lbs.
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LeeAnn Follmer
Raised: $2,141.80
Recycled: 2372 lbs.
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Steve Pellowe
Raised: $41,349.38
Recycled: 77,014 lbs.
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Fundraising Coaches
Take advantage of free fundraising, marketing, and community relations coaching from our knowledgeable, friendly customer service reps who genuinely celebrate your successes. Get your questions answered fast!